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Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

An Idea Is Born

One day as I was trimming a tree for a friend he asked me if I could cut his lawn for him because he could not get his current landscaper on the phone or to show up.  He said it was a reoccurring problem he was having with several company’s... the idea was born. We set out to offer customers a personal relationship with the people who take care of their property. I vowed to always answer the phone and would be the one who shows up when someone has a problem, and off that model we have grown. 

Commitment to Quality

At Black Beard the guy who answers the phone will be the same guy who shows up to meet you, will be the same guy to do the work. No lost in translation, no misunderstanding. I stand behind our work because I’m out there on every job site making sure the outcome is something we can put our name on. 

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